Never Too Late, to Enjoy Artistic Things


In your life, have you stopped for a while from doing your daily routinity, because of feeling stuck and bored, then you feel better by seeing God’s and mankind’s beautiful creation, such as a blue sky, a rainbow…beautiful paintings, or maybe only a small garden?

People have emotions and feelings, and when they are trapped in their same routinity or activities everyday, which will make them bored and stressful, they need something to release their feelings, or their emotions. They usually release their stress feelings by crying, shouting, or seeing a calm lake, blue sky, ocean. What do I conclude here is they release those feelings to any objects on earth.

That’s why people are interested in beautiful objects, which will soothe them everytime they feel stressful. As for art. If I have to describe what is the only thing that I’m never bored to see or enjoy, is art. And within every artistic things there are certain creativity of the artisans that make it. Those creativities are also the ones that we love. Why? Because we love something unusual, something mysterious, unique, something we always wonder how come the artist have the idea to make that art?

Based on this, I have decided to make my art design known by the world, by opening an online store named Artweaver, a few days ago. I love to see and to know that people can love my design and become happier, since they can enjoy my design as a releasement of their stressful feelings.  I want to give that happiness to them, and to you .

My store sells artistic designs printed on many merchandise, such as pillows, bags, laptop skins, iPhone cases, sleeves, and many more.

My online store :
There are quite many products that you can choose, and because it’s still new I’ll add more products later. Never too late to enjoy artistic things!

Some of my store products : Store_20130812-101911 Store_20130812-101835 Store_20130812-101857

If you like vintage, shabby or retro stuffs, you can go here ShabbyPrincess

And if you like princess stuffs, girly or elegant, you can go here LoftyCastle


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